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Morning, Noon & Night

locally sourced × crafted with love


Brew is a locally owned independent coffeehouse & cafe. Located in the heart of Downtown Traverse City, Michigan.


Brew offers customers a wide variety of delicious beverages, including coffee, tea, espresso drinks, microbrews, local wines, and seasonal drinks, along with pastries, grilled sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free menu options. 

Located in the historic Opera House building, the café serves as a gathering point where locals can socialize while enjoying a beverage or light meal. Brew ensures that its patrons feel relaxed and at home by providing Wi-Fi, great music, and comfortable furniture. Brew places special emphasis on outstanding service and appealing products..



(231) 946–2739



108 E Front St.
Traverse City, MI



Su–Sa 7am–12am

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Feel free to contact us at: (231) 946-2739 or you can find our location in the map below. 


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